A new generation of dental prosthesis laboratory

Hélène and Didier Crescenzo are specializing in dental aesthetics. They have written many publications, are trainers and lecturers and manage their laboratory « Esthetic Oral » in a spirit of communication between the dental surgeon, the patient and the dental technician.


At the time of tissue preservation, all the cases entrusted to the laboratory will be studied with the aim of staying as preservative as possible, and therefore in the patient’s interest. A protocol of thin pressed ceramic, named CPC , has been created at the laboratory in order to optimize this type of prosthesis.


The laboratory has set up an organisation and a protocol in order to make the communication and distance work easier. Since 2010, a research work has been conducted when studying the virtual esthetic project at the laboratory in order to ease the distance communication but also the communication between the practitioner and his patient. This study enables a diagnosis and a global planning of the patient’s treatment plan who wishes to have a new smile. This research lead to the Virtual Esthetic Project named the VEP.

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Our prostheses are made at the ESTHETIC ORAL laboratory with materials meeting the EU standards. 

Traceability complies with the 93/42 - appendix VIII European Directive. The choice and use of good quality products meet the ISO and EU standards.


Our Goal

« …Our first priority is to work hand in hand with the dental surgeon so that the patient can benefit from a team work and a good quality result on both clinical and technical aspects… »