Our historical background

The laboratory was created in Grenoble in 1999, relocated in Cavalaire sur mer in 2000, when Hélène and Didier became partners, and then moved to the Marines de Cogolin in 2005.

  • Esthetic Oral laboratory has been known for many years for both joint prostheses called esthetic prostheses (study of cases, partial adhesive restorations, peripheral crowns …) and for added prostheses.
  • It has provided a performing service since 1999 for high-quality esthetic prostheses that will give you the guarantee of success and therefore your satisfaction as well as the one of your patients. We work in close cooperation with distance practitioners thanks to a communication via internet for the transmission of the colour, technical and prosthetic information.
  • A friendly team of talented dental technicians, all were selected for their skills and their adaptability to the innovating techniques in fixed or added prostheses.
  • Located at the roundabout of La Foux, in the heart of the Gulf of Saint-Tropez, Esthetic Oral laboratory will welcome you with a smile and a daily technical and administrative availability.
  • An efficient and quick organization with a rigorous planning.
  • Our prostheses are made at the ESTHETIC ORAL laboratory with materials meeting the EU standards. Traceability complies with the 93/42 - appendix VIII European Directive.
  • The choice and use of good quality products meet the ISO and EU standards.